Our new address is 201 E. Colfax Room 106, Denver CO 80203.  Please click HERE to find updated staff contact information!
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Our office began operation in the spring of 2006. We are the statewide entity responsible for improving the quality of services, supports and education for young children and their families by enhancing the knowledge, skills and professional advancement of early childhood professionals.

We are located at 201 E. Colfax Room 106 Denver, CO 80203
Phone:  303-866-6239     Fax:  303-866-6370

Please click on the Staff link below for individual staff members' contact information.  

  • Staff: Meet the staff.
  • Advisory Board: Our work is supported by an advisory board that reflects our multi-disciplinary approach toward professional development.
  • Guiding Principles: Information about the ideological framework that guides our work.
  • Professional Standards, Core Knowledge and Competencies: Foundational elements that guide professional development work in Colorado.
  • Download PDF Our Functions: This brochure illustrates how we are supporting the realization of Colorado’s Early Childhood Professional Development system and how it serves early childhood practitioners.


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Early Childhood Professional Development Team at the Colorado Department of Education
(303) 866-6239
201 East Colfax Suite 106 Denver, CO 80203
Fax:  (303) 866-6370
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